Your HVAC system is a crucial component of your property's comfort. Your HVAC system, otherwise known as your “Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning” system, works throughout the day to keep your entire home at a desired and comfortable temperature. Having an attic that is improperly ventilated resembles having a miniature sun above your home. Constant heat will naturally cause your HVAC system to use more power in order to maintain your living area cool. Our solar powered fans create positive airflow which cools your attic which in turns also lowers your average home temperature (AHT). Lowering your AHT will lower your HVAC’s power usage, which will therefore lower your utility bill and maintain your systems efficiency for the long haul. 


1. No Cool Air in Your Living Area
At some point, you may find that your air conditioning system simply isn’t doing its job. Even at full blast, the air coming from your vents just isn’t as cold as it used to be – or isn’t cold at all. 

2. Poor Air Flow
Improper ventilation can cause weak or limited air flow throughout your AC vents. In some cases the areas or rooms in your home are getting cold air while others are not.

3. Moisture Where It Shouldn’t Be

Improper ventilation can create moisture or leakage around or near your HVAC system. 

4. More Power Usage
When you have improper ventilation in your home, your HVAC system utilizes more power to maintain desired temperatures in your living area. Since your HVAC system is constantly using more power, this means that its lifespan decreases.