Solar Airflow is comprised of a highly-experienced team whose vision goes beyond providing an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution for South Florida residents that continue being burdened by the effects of improperly ventilated attics and/or crawlspaces. During his 6-year tenure in the environmental consulting and mold remediation industries, Abe, the founder of Solar Airflow, began gathering data to find an innovative and dynamic approach to prevent the growth of mold. Amid his research, Abe found that during summer months South Florida home attics have an average mean temperature (AMT) that exceeds 150°F. He also realized that these temperatures were a direct link to common property problems such as mold growth, elevated humidity levels, condensation buildup and high utility bills. Abe’s goal was to find a practical solution which homeowners could use to their advantage AND benefit from, while also saving money.


With his involvement in environmental consulting and many years of on-the-field research, Abe concluded that the cause of improper ventilation in most properties begins where the “guts” are located. The “guts”of the property are comprised of the ducts and vents belonging to your HVAC system. In most properties, the “guts” are found in the attic and/or crawlspace. When condensation and humidity compromise these areas, the “guts” are also affected. When this occurs, stagnant air forms and your HVAC system has to utilize more power to keep your living area cool; not to mention it can creates the perfect environment for mold to begin thriving. These revelations allowed Abe to successfully find a solution to a crucial problem impacting a significant amount of property owners.

Today, Solar Airflow is South Florida’s leading solar attic/crawlspace ventilation provider. Our methodology is based on utilizing all-natural energy from the sun which is used to PROPERLY ventilate your attic and/or crawlspace and keep those areas at acceptable ranges of humidity and moisture. Subsequently, our fans will ensure that your living area will also benefit as your HVAC system will restrain from using extra power and electricity to keep your home cool. In addition, we are members of the U.S. Green Building Council, National Association of Mold Professionals and Indoor Air Quality Association. With integrity, knowledge and quality service – as well as a state-of-the-art solar powered ventilation fan that will save you money and protect your home - Solar Airflow is proud to service your home!